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Looking specifically at Windows & Android tablets.







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* Created: 7 April 2014


Use the Android Viewer to preview content

There are two versions of the Adobe Content Viewer available: one for native Android viewers and one for legacy Android viewers.

The Adobe Content Viewer for Android is used for testing the digital content you create on phones and tablets that run Android 4.0.3 or later. This version is used for testing content for the new native Android viewer.

The Adobe Content Viewer for Android (legacy) is used for testing the digital content you create for tablets running Android 2.2 or later.

Download Adobe Content Viewer from the Android Market or Amazon Appstore.

Preview on Device for Android tablets

At this time, Preview on Device is supported only for the legacy version of the Adobe Content Viewer for Android, not the native version.

Do the following to make sure that your Android device can communicate properly with your computer.

  1. Turn on USB Debugging. The location of the USB Debugging option varies depending on your Android device. For some devices, it’s located in Settings > Applications > Development.
  2. (Windows only) Install the necessary device drivers to allow your Android device to communicate with your computer. The Flash Builder help includes useful information at Debug an application on a Google Android device and Install USB device drivers for Android devices (Windows).
  3. Connect your Android device to your computer.
  4. Start Adobe Content Viewer on the device.
  5. In the Folio Builder panel in InDesign, select the article or folio you want to preview, and then choose the device name from the Preview menu at the bottom of the panel. You can also use the Preview option in the Folio Overlays panel to preview only the layout in raster format.
  6. Start Adobe Viewer on the Android device, and sign in using the same Adobe ID you use to sign in to the Folio Builder panel.

The folios to which you have access are available for downloading and previewing.

Preview using the beta Adobe Content Viewer in Windows 8.1

A version of the Adobe Content Viewer app is available in the Windows Store. In the Windows Store, search for “Adobe Content Viewer.” This app is available only on devices running Windows 8.1.

At this time, the Adobe Content Viewer includes a limited set of features. Hyperlinks, slideshows, scrollable frames, and videos are supported. Web Content overlays are partially supported.

Image sequence, pan and zoom, audio, and panoramas are not yet supported.

Other DPS features such as social sharing, sections, and in-app purchases are not yet supported.



PDF article support in both Android Viewer and Desktop Viewer

PDF articles are now supported on Android devices and in the Desktop Viewer. On Android viewers, you can take advantage of the PDF format to reduce file size, reuse iOS folios that have PDF articles, and use pinch & zoom on article pages.

In the Desktop Viewer, you can now preview folios that have PDF articles, which is especially useful to preflight your folio for errors. The app version needs to be v26 or later to display PDF articles, but the folio with PDF articles can be any version. For a video demo, see the PDF Content on Android video.

(Note that this is a change to the existing AIR-based Android viewer, not to the native Android viewer that is currently in development. In addition, PDF support on Android does not include displaying PDF files in the in-app browser.)



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