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InDesign CC BootCamp shortcuts


We love to teach InDesign. It's our most popular training course in Sydney.

The hardest thing about InDesign training is remembering everything you've learnt. We offer a free course refresher and free email support for 12 months after our courses but we like to do more.

We teamed up with London designer Alex Mulder to take the 5 top InDesign shortcuts and turn them into a series of cards and wallpapers. The A5 cards are printable and are easy to have next to your laptop while your working. We've also created a set of wallpapers that you can have setup as your desktop background.

Some of our other InDesign shortcut cards are here: Set InDesign defaults & Show import options.



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InDesign BootCamp Tip #1 - How can I customise a box quickly.


How to customise a box in Indesign CC







InDesign BootCamp Tip #2 - How can I place an object at the centre of the page?




How to place an object in the middle of the page in InDesign CC.




InDesign BootCamp Tip #3 - How can I zoom in and out quickly?




How to zoom in and out quickly in InDesign




InDesign BootCamp Tip #4 - How can I master the new document box?




How can I master the new document box?




InDesign BootCamp Tip #5 - How can I change unit quickly?




How can I change units quickly in InDesign?


If you’ve got any questions please use the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter/Google+/Facebook.



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“I promise you will leave us with the confidence to apply your new skills effectively in the real world.”

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