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Changing the InDesign defaults.







Q: You want to change your default font from Minion 12pt to your corporate font & size. You want to add your company colours and Pantones to the default swatch menu. Most of all you want to turn Hyphenation off for good.


InDesign Shortcut


This will work with any setting in InDesign – let your design brain go crazy think default: space afters, bullets, tabs and dare I say it… drop shadows. Go crazy beautiful people!

A: All you need to do is have InDesign (any version) open but have NO documents open. Then change the font, colours & turn off hyphenation for good!

[side note] – If you have an existing document that you want to change the defaults for all you need to do is have it open, choose Edit > Deselect All then make your adjustments. This will change the defaults for this document only. Boom!

[side note] At our InDesign Masterclass this tip is a crowd pleaser.



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