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Amazing banner ad training taught by brilliant trainers


What we do that others don’t!

  • Free email support for 12 months
  • Adobe Certifiied Instructors (ACI)
  • Unique 'take home' notes
  • We teach at YOUR OFFICE
  • Use your own familiar computer
  • "Excellent. It was fun and engaging and lots to take away from the two days."

    Michael Momid (The White Agency)

  • "Informative + interesting. I liked the way that Drik wove in relevant information from the industry."

    Lucinda Dryden (The White Agency)

  • "Fantastic personality made the course really enjoyable and was very prepared and answered all questions to the best of his knowledge."

    Luke Zorbas (The White Agency)



HTML5 Adobe Animate Training

     Adobe Animate icon   Animate Banner Ad Training Course


Now that HTML5 and other standards have been established, Flash is dead. Right? Adobe realised that the power in Flash Professional could be repurposed. Imagine all the power and creativity of Adobe’s Creative Cloud being brought to bear on web advertising and interactive content creation that meets industry standards for code and delivery. It’s Adobe Animate CC. It’s got a lot of power inside, and Bring Your Own Laptop is bringing our unique interactive real world training to your workflow. We’re going to help you realise all that power in your world/workplace.

We’re now offering Sydney customised training for Adobe Animate CC in your workplace. We base the training around the sort of content your team creates every day, and we make sure you all come away with the same skills to use Adobe Animate to its full potential. We are Adobe Certified Trainers, and we have years of experience as designers and developers, so we know the value of training you through hands on projects that you would actually do as part of your regular work.

We have a focus on content creation for web based advertising – such as banner ads, and we can show you how to create for industry standards and for networks such as Google, Doubleclick, Sizmel, Admob and even more. This is the Animate course for the real world.

Give your team the strongest possible start with Adobe Animate training that unlock new tools, new efficiencies and new horizons for your content creation. No previous experience with Flash or HTML5 is necessary – we take it from the very beginning. But what sets our training apart is that we tailor our Adobe Animate course to the unique needs of your group. And we deliver that training in your work environment so you can see how the hands on training applies to what you do day to day. No empty theory.

We not only build the training to suit your needs, we provide printed notes to match what you are learning, and back it all with 12 whole months of email support from your instructor to the participants. Got a question down the road, we’ve got your back!

So email or call today to find out how we can bring the best of Adobe Animate CC to your team with training and courses perfectly designed to get your team doing what they need to do with powerful new tools.


BYOL run customised in-house training sessions only. The duration is typically 2 days but we will work with you to find the most appropriate timing.


Adobe Animate CC is new and now has new tools, better HTML5 (and others) delivery and a ton of new features and options. If you want to create great web based ads or interactive content, we can create the course that suits exactly what you want to do, and at a level that suits your group – from no experience to code warrior, we have real world Sydney based training that will unlock Adobe Animate CC.

Because this course is run as a Custom Course we can tailor the the course content and level to suit you or your team.



Per day for 1-9 students. +GST




     Adobe Animate icon   Animate Banner Ad Training Course


BYOL run cusom in-house training sessions where you choose the date. To discuss your custom training needs please contact the training manager here.



     Adobe Animate icon   Animate Banner Ad Training Course



  • File size - what’s included
  • File size - image compression
  • Image spritesheets
  • Publishing - what you need in the end
  • Clicktag or click through
  • Buttons
  • Stop an animation from looping using Javascript
  • Motion tween
  • Animating a bone system
  • Motion tween
  • Adding Clicktag for Double Click
  • CreateJS
  • Applying easing
  • Motion guide
  • Motion preset
  • HTML publishing templates
  • Publishing to the Double Click Network (DCN)


  • Editing symbol instances
  • Editing ‘symbols’
  • Type and fonts
  • Classic tween
  • Pausing your animation
  • Applying easing
  • Create custom ease
  • Importing images
  • Working with Photoshop files
  • Working with Illustrator files
  • Converting bitmaps to vectors
  • Image slide show
  • Nested animations
  • Working with sound
  • Button actions
  • Simple mask
  • Infographic - line graph


  • New Documents
  • Adjusting shapes
  • Layers
  • The polystar tool
  • The pencil tool
  • Vector brush libraries
  • Free transform tool
  • Branded colours
  • Gradients
  • Shape tweens
  • Previewing your project
  • Shape tweens & extending backgrounds
  • Looping
  • Width tool
  • Creating symbols and instances




More course information.

For an online training option visit our banner ad course using Adobe Animate CC here+

We build our Adobe Animate training around creating commercial quality banner advertising. This is one of the most common uses for Animate, and the course makes the most of getting you to actually create projects in the same way you would as part of your daily operations.

Examples of this include using Typekit and hosted fonts to create cool animated fonts, but we’re not just talking about wiggly or flashing words. Our instructors all have design experience so we’ll be passing on how to create professional looking art that gets noticed (and gets clicked). Onion skinning, blurs, complex motion – Adobe Animate has tons of new templates, presets and brushes to make it easy to create great looking work. Our course shows you how to achieve a higher standard with less effort, and how to create your own templates and reusable elements so you’re not doing the same work over and over again.

And speaking of efficiency, we’ll give you the skinny on keeping your file sizes down. Keeping image quality up on multiple devices is easier, and doing it right can save your big server bills by reducing file sizes, and providing the right sized artwork for the right platforms.


Have you heard that Adobe Animate now has a fully rotating canvas that you can move in any direction like a piece of paper so you can get the right angle on those hand drawn elements. Or you can capture sketches with your phone and import them as fully editable objects. In fact, anything you create can be altered or animated after the fact – freeing you up to design first, get technical second.

As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, Animate CC has access to millions of stock vector files, templates, pre-built projects, fonts, brushes and more – all without leaving Animate. Our training shows you how to manage all those assets and how to include them in any stage of your project.

We’ll make sure you know how to output your projects to me the right file sizes, formats, file types and industry standards, from Flash to HTML5 Canvas to WebGL, video and more. Our Animate training is built for you to match what and how you need to get your content into the real world at a professional standard and meeting commercial specs.

We’ll cover designing and animating your vector artwork from scratch, adding video, synching audio, making it all interactive and then how to save, manage, share projects around your team and ultimately publish to your preferred platforms.

And it’s at this point you realise there are so many options that only a course designed for your team could make the difference. We want your team to make the most of their training time learning what they actually need, at the level they are at.

We come to you with printed notes, and we’ve got your back with 12 massive months of email support for all your Animate questions. It’s real world training in your workplace. No sleepy lectures, it’s hands on – and it’s a point of pride for all us that none of you get left behind. You get the help you need when and where you need it. That’s why we think our customised on location training for Adobe Animate is the best you can get is Sydney. So give us a call or an email and we’ll be happy to work out the sort of training for Adobe Animate CC that makes you awesome!









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“I promise you will leave us with the confidence to apply your new skills effectively in the real world.”

    - Daniel Walter Scott

    - Training Manager & Courseware Author