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Adobe Experience Manager Icon AEM Training Course

Amazing Adobe Experience Manager training taught by brilliant trainers


What we do that others don’t!

  • Free email support for 12 months
  • Adobe Certifiied Instructors (ACI)
  • Unique 'take home' notes
  • We teach at YOUR OFFICE
  • Use your own familiar computer
  • "Great experience. Learnt a lot."

    - Melissa Devine (Glassons)

  • "Emma was great, explains things incredible well, is very patient with silly questions, makes everyone feel good no matter what stage they are at, easy to relate to!"

    - Gemma Dowsett

  • "Very good, close and personal. A++"

    - Josh Cragg (North Beach)



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     Adobe Experience Manager Icon   AEM Introduction


We offer training for your people to actually use AEM. It’s not developer training, its end user training. Save the really deep stuff for the specialists and give your staff the training to actually use AEM in their daily operations.

We don’t just roll out the same course for every customer in Sydney – we take the time to ensure that your company’s specific targets and tech are at the forefront of what your staff are learning. Let your managers and administrators do what they do best – we won’t burden them with developer training that they don’t need.


We also understand that the people using and sharing the software all need to be on the same page. We start your staff out from the ground floor, showing them the essential skills to not only get you (or your staff) using AEM, we remove the burden from your IT department having to hold everyone’s hand as they put your plans into action.


• AEM training can be designed to suit your needs.


This course is run as a custom/inhouse course. Please contact Margaret for more details.


     Adobe Experience Manager Icon   AEM Introduction



Please contact Margaret for dates on this course.

     Adobe Experience Manager Icon   AEM Introduction


Some of the concepts we teach about Adobe Experience Manager during Bring Your Own Laptop’s Sydney training:

  • Adobe’s approach to digital marketing
  • The Adobe Cloud – Creative Cloud & Marketing Cloud
  • What’s a platform?
  • Content authoring in AEM
  • Digital asset management

  • Personalising content for customers
  • E-commerce
  • Multilingual content
  • Online Communities
  • Microsites
  • Working with other Adobe content creation tools
  • AEM’s content management culture
  • Administrator

  • Content approvers
  • Content Authors
  • Content editing tools
  • Understanding the components of an AEM site
  • Adding and following metadata and tags
  • Components of social marketing
  • Community administration


More course information.

Do you need to reach customers across social, mobile, online community and web platforms?

How do you manage all your assets and ensure that your brand looks its best across every channel? Adobe’s Experience Manager is designed to make it all work together. Bring Your Own Laptop can train you, your team or your whole company to make the most of AEM.­

Adobe Experience Manager has some astounding capabilities. You can create and manage websites, apps and mobile content. You can manage marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. Assets such as images and video can be wrangled and distributed from one place. You can engage social communities or even build your own. Create and deliver the right forms to the right people. But perhaps the most crucial part (other than using one system to manage it all) is that you can tailor the experience and deliver a personalised customer experience. Make the customer see that you treat them as a unique person, and give your team the system to make that experience accountable and repeatable.

Adobe Experience Manager has so many capabilities, the only limit is you and your team’s ability to harness those abilities. At Bring Your Own Laptop, we understand what you can do with AEM, and we know how to impart that knowledge succinctly and successfully in a way that’s relevant to your brand’s outcomes and your staff’s abilities.

We can teach individuals, groups and even create training outcomes for specific groups within your organisation (no matter how large or small) to accomplish the right tasks for the right teams.

Adobe Experience Manager is able to operate at enterprise level, but has tools to simplify the creation of forms, speed up the delivery of the right content to the right customer and bring all the desired resources of dynamic media, personalised content, audio, video and social. All without your IT department having to reinvent the wheel and spending untold amounts on developing custom applications and services.


Adobe is one of the largest tech firms in history. They brought millions of man hours of experience to bear to create a management environment that was easy to deploy, scales incredibly well and integrates with a host of off the shelf content and applications to not only manage the content, but to create it and customise it perfectly for each individual customer.

All you need is for your staff to be able to work together to exploit the optional of Adobe Experience Manager – and Bring Your Own Laptop in Sydney will bring the right training to the right people in your company.

No endless days of Power Point slides. No jamming everyone into a massive hall and hoping they can keep up (or awake).

We prefer to teach in small groups with hands on training that puts your people in the driver’s seat and helps them develop the actual skills they need to perform the tasks you have for them. Our courses start from the ground up – we don’t assume any experience, so that everyone gets all the information they need. And because it’s interactive, they get answers as they go, and learn to problem solve with the support they need to produce effective learning.

Your team will know enough to innovate and create on their own – again, without relying on your IT department to train or maintain the applications. Bring Your Own Laptop is full of experienced, trained and professional teachers who know how to create the right learning environment. They are not selling a product, and they are not a ‘bunch of tech dudes!’

And we don’t use cookie cutter methods. You get the training you need. We can customise as much as you need to suit the various people and teams you work with. We’ll help you save a vast amount of time and money by helping you deploy one of the most powerful tools for building the customer experience and brand loyalty every unleashed.

All our attendees get written notes to take back with them. The notes are matched to the training they received to be an easy to use reference on the job. We have other after training support available.

The scale and style of how each company uses Experience Manager may be different. Since our courses are not AEM Developer training but rather training on how to use AEM, we can ensure the training suits the staff you already have. We teach the end users (the content creators, editors and publishers) who manage your content and not only show them how to get it working, but how to maximise the abilities of Adobe Experience Manager.

Some businesses will need a simple short training course, others will want to dive deep to learn how to accomplish specific management strategies. Bring Your Own Laptop can bring a flexible and comprehensive level of training to your group that grows with you.

Oh, and we can provide the laptops if you need them during the training.

To learn more about how your team can learn to make the most of Adobe Experience Manager, and how to get the best training in Sydney, Australia for this and any Adobe product, contact Bring Your Own Laptop today.

Unlock the potential of your staff, and power your business with the amazing software and tools that are redefining the potential of business. Call Bring Your Own Laptop now.

Note: Adobe Experience Manager was previously known as CQ5, Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform and Adobe WEM. As of version 5.6 released in 2013, they’ve stuck with AEM, Adobe Experience Manager. No matter what it’s called, Bring Your Own Laptop’s training has kept up with what the software is capable of.







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“I promise you will leave us with the confidence to apply your new skills effectively in the real world.”

    - Daniel Walter Scott

    - Training Manager & Courseware Author