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What we do that others don’t!

  • Free email support for 12 months
  • Adobe Certifiied Instructors (ACI)
  • Unique 'take home' notes
  • We teach at YOUR OFFICE
  • Use your own familiar computer
  • "Light and easy to follow, good clear instructions and help is there when needed. Got some tips on how to achieve certain animations in an infographic style."

    - Alisa Hasenwinkel (IAG)

    - Edge Animate

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     Adobe Edge Animate Icon   Edge Animate Introduction


This is our introductory course for Edge Animate. We don’t assume anything about what you know, and “they are all good questions.” BYOL works because it’s interactive.

You’ll be going hands on with a real live instructor and sharing the ride with other people who have never used the software before – so you will be among like-minded people ready to make the most of the training. The course starts at the very beginning and takes you to an intermediate level.

You are actually going to create great looking content in the form of animated banners and interactive eLearning content. These are the foundations for being able to create a real variety of projects in Edge Animate.


  • You don’t need any previous experience, but feel free to start poking around on your own – the more questions you come with, the more we can help you.
  • You don’t need to be a design or code expert. In fact, you don’t need any previous experience, we’ll get you started from the very beginning.
  • It’s called Bring Your Own Laptop (we want you to be comfy) but if you don’t have one, we’ll lend you one for the course.
  • Please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Edge Animate CC installed. You can get it as a free Edge Animate trial here.


• 1 day
• 10-5pm





     Adobe Edge Animate Icon   Edge Animate Introduction


BYOL run cusom in-house training sessions where you choose the date. To discuss your custom training needs please contact the training manager here.



     Adobe Edge Animate Icon   Edge Animate Introduction



  • Finding your way around the Edge Animate interface
  • The Edge Animate Workflow
  • How to Create a new project
  • The drawing tools
  • Using the transform tool
  • Understanding the Properties panel
  • What web fonts are and why we use them
  • Importing content from other apps
  • How to make a composition
  • Animating Elements
  • Creating transitions and fades
  • Controlling easing in animations
  • Adding motion blur
  • Creating animation paths
  • The play controls
  • Creating a banner ad

  • Create an image gallery
  • Exploiting the Parallax effect
  • CSS filters
  • Colour usage & CSS gradients
  • Using Photoshop & Illustrator files
  • Using and creating templates
  • Adding audio to your project
  • Using Auto Keyframe
  • Auto Transition
  • Setting Toggle Pins
  • Understanding what Symbols are
  • The Actions Panel
  • Understanding swipe gestures
  • Using the Code Panel
  • Creating a responsive layout
  • Down-Level Stages

  • Using, and editing, preloaders
  • The power and requirements of images
  • SVG, PNG, Gif, PNG
  • Publish Settings
  • Edge Animate with existing HTML
  • Navigation
  • Integration with:
  • Dreamweaver
  • Captivate
  • HTML & CSS
  • CMS
  • Flash
  • Publishing for web based use
  • Publishing to create ad software
  • Publishing for eLearning applications




More course information.

Is it time for you to become the master of Edge Animate? Welcome to Bring Your Own Laptop’s exceptional training!

Adobe’s Edge Animate is a fantastic tool for adding animation and interaction to your website. You can use it for creating web graphics that capture your viewers’ attention in advertising, eLearning, ecommerce and so much more. It creates interactive content for desktop and mobile applications working with iOS, Android and web browsers.

Edge Animate does the heavy lifting for you. While you create using the understandable interface, Edge Animate is doing the coding required under the hood. You deal in graphics, and it creates the HTML, CSS and JavaScript required to bring life to your website. There’s even a built in JavaScript code snippet library to speed up common tasks so if you want to get intimate with the code, it’s still going to make it faster and easier for you.

Like any power tool, some training will take you from club wielding neophyte to a confident and skilled operator. This course is a jumpstart on what Edge Animate is capable of, and how you can make the most of it.

Good training will save you days and weeks of wondering what you did wrong – or worse, not realising the full potential of the software. And BYOL does more than just create training, we create training that actually gets you up and running on the day. We’ll show the tips and tricks that let you properly utilise the software, and bypass the ‘manual-speak’ to give you easy to understand and clear instruction. It’s created by real people for real people so it’s easy to grasp.

BYOL’s Edge Animate training is created with the first time user in mind. You might know what the software does, but we can show you how to actually put it into practice. All the way along you can ask questions and get additional explanation because you’re learning from real people – not watching a video and struggling to keep up!



And because it’s real world, hands on and practical training, you can tell instantly if you’ve got the result you were trying for, and getting instant feedback from an instructor. Try doing that with a textbook on your own.

This course deals with the basics like importing your own content. An example of this is adding video, either from YouTube or self-hosted. You’ll move through to create your own content that using some great shortcuts, and get a thorough understanding of how to create a project from start to finish.

You’ll get to grips with file sizes and how to keep your website’s load times small despite having rich content. You’re going to get a slew of tips to optimise file types and sizes. You’ll find out what a pre loader is, and when to use them, and how to use the powerful features Edge Animate has built right in to make them more than just a stalling tactic. That’s just a couple of examples of what our Edge Animate training will unlock for you.

Other features covered include HTML5 video and sound, using InDesign and Illustrator files, and the new designer-friendly actions editor.

Your friendly BYOL teachers understands you’re new to this, so all the tools and vital menu functions will be explained. No more wondering what something does, you get an understanding of when and how to use it.

There is no previous experience required, but if you’re still dabbling, get the right help to know what you’re doing without being lost in technical jargon. And if you are a former Flash user, you’ll find this course makes the transition really enjoyable and accessible.

You’ll work your way through actually creating great looking animation for web pages. Then you’ll be shown how to actually integrate the results into a website.

At Bring Your Own Laptop, we know learning something from the beginning can be a challenge, so we offer you the chance to repeat your course any time within 12 months for free.

And we know you will quickly discover new things you don’t quite understand. You get your trainers’ personal email so you can ask for help for up to 12 months after your training.

You also get great take home notes written by BYOL to make sure you have all the resources you need to use Edge Animate. Our carefully constructed notes compliment the content covered in the course, so you’ll always have a reminder within reach.

Bring Your Own Laptop will even lend you a laptop for your training if you don’t have one. We’re committed to making it easy for you – and our best outcome is successful learning that enables you to use Edge Animate with skill and confidence.

If you still have questions and want to be sure this is the best training for you, contact us now, we’d love to help you.

If you’re ready to get started with the best training in Australia, then book now.








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“I promise you will leave us with the confidence to apply your new skills effectively in the real world.”

    - Daniel Walter Scott

    - Training Manager & Courseware Author