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Adobe Certified Instructor

epub ebook icon ePUB / eBook Training Course

Amazing ePUB training taught by brilliant trainers


What we do that others don’t!

  • Free email support for 12 months
  • Adobe Certifiied Instructors (ACI)
  • Unique 'take home' notes
  • We teach at YOUR OFFICE
  • Use your own familiar computer
  • "An excellent tutor and gave each one of us individual attention. Made us all feel like we were important and was very patient showing/training/helping us individually especially when we got stuck."

    - Esther Puru (AUT Printsprint)

  • "Very informative. Really enjoyed. Course has broaden my knowledge extremely. Now to put it into practice!!!"

    - Gemma Dowsett



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     epub ebook icon   ePUB / Ebook Training Course


If you are in the publishing business, or you produce sales and marketing content for certain types of devices, the ePub course will show you how to design and distribute your eBook correctly.

We’ll cover annual reports, workbooks, courseware or the all-important catalog. We’ll even show you how to convert your existing InDesign documents to get the most out of the ePub format.


You will need a basic operating understanding of InDesign for this class (and if you don’t have that, check out our awesome InDesign training here).

Beyond that, we start at the very beginning so you won’t miss anything or feel left behind.


• 1 day
• 10-5pm



     epub ebook icon   ePUB / Ebook Training Course




Please contact Margaret for dates on this course.



     epub ebook icon   ePUB / Ebook Training Course


Some of the concepts you will cover in your Bring Your Own Laptop, Sydney, ePub training course:

  • The versions of ePub
  • Fixed Layout
  • Reflow
  • Vocabularies (Default, Reserved & Other)
  • Metadata in your publication
  • Identifiers
  • Types of titles

  • Embedding fonts and how to licence them
  • Working with colours
  • Greyscale
  • Working with images
  • Raster vs vector
  • Interactive content (video, links and navigation)
  • Prepping your document for publishing
  • HTML, XHTML and CSS (and what they do inside your document)

  • ePub security
  • JavaScript capabilities
  • Zip requirements


More course information.

­When you have to publish to a variety of devices (iPhones, iPads, eReaders and mobile devices) the format with the most widespread acceptance is ePub. The best training in Sydney to learn how and where to use ePub comes from Bring Your Own Laptop.

ePub made its way in the world with the ability to ‘reflow’ – be flexible enough to optimise text for a variety of screen sizes.  This solved a lot of problems for the publishing industry and made is possible to kick-start the ePublishing and electronic book business.

ePub now has a ‘fixed layout’ that solves other problems. Confused. That’s why we offer great training in the comfort of our Sydney facility to teach you the right version and right formatting to publish and distribute your work in.

Unlike our other courses, we know if you are publishing at this level, you probably use Adobe’s InDesign program. This course assumes you know how to use InDesign. But if you don’t, no fear, we are legendary at making InDesign accessible and easy to learn for just about anyone. Just click here to learn InDesign first.

ePub is a free and open standard with useful digital rights management (including anti-piracy) and embedded metadata. It also supports CSS styling and you can incorporate raster and vector (which scale nicely) images.

With so many great features, we want you to get the best training possible to make use of them all. We work hard to make sure Bring Your Own Laptop has the best ePub based training in Sydney – and that its part of a fully professional suite of training options that anyone can make use of without (in most cases) any prior knowledge.


We can take you from zero to hero. And we work just as hard to make the training easy and enjoyable.

Where there is a lot of opportunity to get lost in the options and potential of ePub and it’s requirements, our training makes sure you know the essentials so you can publish successfully, and that you will understand the choices available to you.

Other than knowing how to use InDesign, we assume you don’t know anything about the ePub format and how to use it, so our training starts at the very beginning. We take you step by step so you learn where it’s appropriate to use the ePub in your publishing, and how to get your materials into the correct format as well.

Our classes are small groups of people just like you with lots of questions, and we focus on that interactivity so you get help every step of the way. You don’t need to worry about being left behind. If you find a problem, it can be solved in real time with the group and your passionate instructor.

No more going blind trying the read the manual, and no more trying to figure out what the guy in the YouTube video is actually talking about. This is real training for real people led by people who love this stuff.

Your training will be based on actually creating, editing and resolving publications with a variety of features in a range of styles. Hands on is the best way for you to know you’ve actually grasped the information.

We also provide you with our own written notes that perfectly match what you learned in class (yes, we even print them for you) so that you have a ready reference to help when you are working with ePub documents. And we know there’s not only the question you forgot to ask, there’s the questions that come up when you start using your software in earnest. We’ve got you covered with the direct email address of your instructor who is only too happy to answer your ePub questions for a whole year.

And just to make sure, if you feel the need any time within 12 months, you can retake the course for free. We are committed to you getting the most out of Bring Your Own Laptop’s training for ePub and a host of other related tools.

You’ll need to bring a laptop with InDesign CC already installed. If you don’t have one, we can loan you a laptop for the day. All you need to do now is call our helpful staff or email and book the course.

Note: There are several popular formats and options for publishing your content to desktop and mobile devices. Other than ePub, there is Interactive PDF and DPS (Digital Publishing Suite). Each one has its own benefits and specific uses. If you are unsure if ePub is the only one for you, or if you know you need to cover all the options, check out our 3 day Digital Publishing Combo which includes the ePub training course along with other options and a big picture view of Digital Publishing in general.

And don’t forget we have brilliant InDesign training right here in Sydney to launch your digital publishing skillset.







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“I promise you will leave us with the confidence to apply your new skills effectively in the real world.”

    - Daniel Walter Scott

    - Training Manager & Courseware Author