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Amazing Lightroom training taught by brilliant trainers


What we do that others don’t!

  • Free email support for 12 months
  • Adobe Certifiied Instructors (ACI)
  • Unique 'take home' notes
  • We teach at YOUR OFFICE
  • Use your own familiar computer
  • "Great experience. Learnt a lot."

    - Melissa Devine (Glassons)

  • "Emma was great, explains things incredible well, is very patient with silly questions, makes everyone feel good no matter what stage they are at, easy to relate to!"

    - Gemma Dowsett

  • "Very good, close and personal. A++"

    - Josh Cragg (North Beach)

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     Adobe Lightroom Icon   Lightroom Introduction


This course is an introductory level training program for Adobe Lightroom CC software. The course is recommended for beginners of any level of experience, and you will interact with other students as part of the training environment.

The training starts at the beginning with importing and managing files from your camera, editing the photos and then exporting them digitally or as physical prints. This course will enable you to be self-sufficient in importing, altering and delivering an image to your audience. We’ll show you all the basic tools and how to apply them to your own images.

You will deal with colour and black and white images in a variety of images and you will understand how to process and retouch an image to get the most out of your digital photography.



  • You don’t need any previous experience with Adobe Lightroom, but if you have used the program, our comprehensive course will help you get the most out of it.
  • Some basic photography understanding will be helpful as Lightroom uses photographic terms and controls to describe its tools.
  • Bring your own laptop (but if you don’t have one, we will provide you with one)
  • Please install the latest version of Adobe Lightroom CC – there is a free 30 day trial available on the Adobe website.
  • Bring a few of your own RAW files for the class to see and work on. One portrait and one landscape is a good start – we don’t need perfect, just a basically well exposed image is all you need.


• 1 day
• 10-5pm




     Adobe Lightroom Icon   Lightroom Introduction




Please contact Margaret for dates on this course.

     Adobe Lightroom Icon   Lightroom Introduction


Suitable for Lightroom 5

* we can accommodate versions 3 & 4, please let us know when you book.

  • Shooting RAW files with your DSLR and why it’s better
  • Overview of the Lightroom Modules
  • The Library Module
    • Importing files and making a quick backup
    • Organising and marking your files
    • Making collections
    • Metadata for finding your files
    • Geotagging for cameras without GPS
  • Export basics
    • Export with services
    • Watermark
    • Export sharpening, and how to avoid overdoing it again
    • Organising and exporting a Slideshow
  • Copy and Paste Develop Setting for groups of images

  • The Develop Module
    • Understanding the histogram
    • Smart previews
    • Colour tones with white balance
    • Exposure and Contrast – the simple controls
    • Take direct control with tone controls
    • The clarity control
    • Vibrance: colour with a safety net
    • Saturation
    • Curves: power tools for tonemeisters
    • Colour controls
    • Split Toning
    • Sharpening with precision, not just the slider
    • The subtle art of Noise Reduction
    • Lens Correction with profiles
    • Full manual correction for geometry
    • Vignette: you can never have enough cheese
    • Grain, and how to avoid overdoing it

  • Retouching
    • Crop & Straighten
    • Creating custom aspect ratios
    • Show some constraint
    • Another chance to be on the level
    • Spot Removal
    • Clone Vs Healing
    • Flying the Red Eye
    • Graduated Filter: it’s not just for ND anymore
    • Radial Filtering
    • Mask Inversion – getting it around the right way
    • The Brush Tool
    • Iris Enhance
    • Skin Soften
    • Dodge and Burn
    • Making your own brush
  • Notes on Printing
  • Printer and Screen calibration



More course information.

Traditional film photography had a darkroom and ‘printing’ process that experts and pros mastered at great expense. Now, with digital photography, we have the much improved abilities of Adobe Lightroom – and a chance to take our photos from good to great.

The resources that Lightroom offer open a whole new world of opportunities to edit and improve your digital images. It’s a new bridge between your camera’s ‘basic’ image capture, and bringing a finished masterpiece to your audience. If you’ve ever looked at other photographer’s pictures and wondered why their images are so much better, even when they have the same camera, Lightroom is the reason.

Lightroom has a lot of power, and as such, it takes a bit of learning to unlock some of the more capable tools. You need Lightroom training. Bring Your Own Laptop offer excellent training as they are Adobe Certified, and their instructors are experts with years of experience in their fields. More than just experts, BYOL’s trainers are great at helping you understand how to use Adobe products like Lightroom.



Their Lightroom courses are designed to make software understandable in a real world context – they don’t just dump the help manual on you – they are so determined that you will actually understand what you are doing that they offer you a chance to repeat the course for free within 6 months, if you feel you need it, and there is email based support from your instructor for 12 months. You even get your won helpful printed notes to take home and refer to.

You’re going to love the practical BYOL approach to Lightroom training that helps you understand the workflow from importing your image, adjusting the basics like exposure and white balance, through to minute adjustments of individual pixels if need be.

Lightroom is fundamentally different from Photoshop in the way they tools are logically sequenced to create non-destructive changes to your image that can be changed or undone at any time, for ever. Its dedicated software for digital photography that understands you might want to post to a website, make a video slideshow or make a print. Lightroom will even upload the final images for you, it’s that well thought out.

Lightroom also helps you organise and archive (and even backup) all your photos and shows you new ways to present and distribute your pictures. The complete input to output workflow. And because all the changes are ‘non-destructive’ you can have endless virtual copies and versions of photos and still manage them in an elegant interface. You will never degrade or ‘damage’ your originals.

Bring Your Own Laptop’s Adobe Lightroom training is brilliant for absolute beginners, or those who have had a go, but not yet mastered the program. And it doesn’t matter what you like to shoot either; the course deals with landscapes and portraiture in detail, for both colour and black and white – and covers the important skills for a host of photographic genres. You’ll be working on real world images (‘warts and all’ to borrow a phrase) and you will learn how to retouch an image with the same pro tool and techniques as magazine photos.

So if you are ready to unlock the power tools of photography that are built into Lightroom, fill out the contact page and pick a date for some world class training with real world practicality and easy to understand hands on Lightrom training.








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“I promise you will leave us with the confidence to apply your new skills effectively in the real world.”

    - Daniel Walter Scott

    - Training Manager & Courseware Author