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Photoshop CC tutorial 1: The best preferences


Photoshop is a ‘memory hungry’ programme. As a rule of thumb, photoshop requires five times the RAM as the size of file.

You can do a couple of things to help, regardless of your machines RAM. To help speed up processing in photoshop, check your machines photoshop memory allocation in preferences.

(pc) edit > preferences > performance
(mac) Photoshop > preferences > performance

Photoshop CC Preferences

  1. Slide the memory usage slider up to use more available RAM.
    If you have an external hard drive it can be used for temporary RAM.
    Select it as the ‘scratch disk’.

The Dark Interface

The interface can be set to black or any shade of gray.

(pc) edit > preferences > interface
(mac) Photoshop > preferences > interface

  1. Choose your shade of black. It previews immediately.




Set how transparent pixels are displayed.

(pc) edit > preferences > transparency and gamut
(mac) Photoshop > preferences > transparency and gamut

‘None’ displays transparent pixels as white.

Preference panel in Photoshop CC



Checking & adding file info (also called metadata)

  1. With your file open.
  2. Choose File > File Info.
  3. Add your own details.




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