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Photoshop CC tutorial 4: Adding text and text drop shadows

Creating a new document

Normally in Photoshop you are opening existing documents and editing them. Occasionally you’ll need to create a new document.

  1. File > new
  2. Fill in 20cm x 11 cm, 300ppi
    Note: you can also use the presets which is where you can change to web for pixels.

    New document window in Photoshop CC

Note: You can modify any of these settings to suit you work.

Copy/pasting in Photoshop CC

Lets copy an image over to your new document.

  1. File > Open > Photoshop Exercise Files > Filters > Woman on Wall.jpg
  2. Choose Select > All
  3. Choose Edit > Copy
  4. Change to the New Document file you just created by clicking the tab at the top of your document.
  5. Choose Edit > Paste

Adding text to Photoshop CC

  1. With any image open.
  2. Choose the Type tool.
    Type tool
  3. Choose a font style, size & colour from the top application bar.
    Note: For more control on typography choose Window > Character. This panel has a few extra options.

  4. Click once on the image... Start typing.


Layer styles in Photoshop CC (great for text)

  1. Choose the layer style button from the bottom of the layer panel and choose Drop Shadow.

    Layer mode drop shadow

  2. Play with the setting window that pops up. You can turn on and adjust as many layer effects as you like.

    Drop shadow options panel
    Note: Layer Effects can be used for any type of layer, not just a text layer.









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