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Photoshop CC tutorial 5: Cropping and straightening images

Cropping & straightening in Photoshop

  1. File > Open > Photoshop Exercise Files > Cropping > Cropping 1.jpg.
  2. Select the Crop tool . A bounding box appears automatically around the edge of the image with corner and mid handles.

    Rotate and crop in Photoshop

  3. Drag the handles to the desired crop.

    Straightening the crop

  4. To rotate the image, place your cursor close to a corner handle until it turns into a double arrow.
  5. Then click and drag the image until it is straight.
  6. NOTE: the image moves while the canvas remains static.
  7. Then use any of the small boxes around the edge to resize.

    Crop finished

  8. When you are finished hit Enter (or Return).

Perspective cropping in Photoshop

  1. File > Open > Photoshop Exercise Files > Cropping > Perspective Cropping 2.jpg.
  2. Select the Perspective Crop Tool

    perspective crop tool

  3. Drag a box over the image (any size).
  4. The corners of the crop box can now be customized to fit your shape.

    Using the perspective crop tool

  5. When you have got them lined up press Enter (or Return) on your keyboard.


Auto crop & rotate

  1. File > Open > Photoshop Exercise Files > Cropping > Auto Crop & Rotate 1.jpg.
  2. File > Automate > Crop and Straighten Photos.

    Auto crop and rotate

  3. Photoshop will automatically crop your photos. You will end up with 4 files. Your original and the 3 cropped files. You can now save them separately.


Rotating an image

  1. Have your upside down image open.
  2. Choose Image > Image Rotation > 90 CCW (or which ever setting suits your image).

    how to rotate an image in photoshop







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