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Photoshop CC tutorial 6: how to use the magic wand & quick selection tool.

Selection – magic wand tool

  1. File > Open > Photoshop Exercise Files > Selections > Magic Wand 1.jpg & Background 1.jpg.
  2. With Magic Wand 1.jpg open, choose the Magic Wand tool.
  3. Set your Tolerance to 32.

    Magic Wand Tool

  4. Click any where in the blue area.
  5. To add more to a selection hold the Shift key down while clicking.
  6. To remove from a selection hold the Alt/Option key down while clicking.
  7. Shift click the sky until you have most of it selected.

    Marching ants selection

    Note: At the moment we have the sky selected. We will need to invert the selection so that we have the sign selected.

  8. Choose Select > Inverse.
    Note: To check and adjust your selection you can use the Selection > Redefine Edge feature.

  9. Lets copy this sign onto our Background 1.jpg file.
  10. Choose Edit > Copy.
  11. Change to the Background 1.jpg.

Choose Edit > Paste.

magic wand usage

Quick select tool in Photoshop

  1. File > Open > Photoshop Exercise Files > Selections > Quick Select.jpg.
  2. Choose the Quick Select tool.

    quick selection tool

  3. From the top app bar select a Brush size of 20 and hardness of 95%.

    quick select brush optionss

  4. Make sure Auto Enhance is checked (the Quick Select tool will work more quickly with Auto Enhance off, but will give a rougher end result).

    Auto enhance option

    Note: If you start painting with the Quick Select tool on the driftwood it will move ahead selecting the areas of similar tone and colour. As you get to the edge of the driftwood it may have trouble as the sand is too close in tone and colour. Follow the next steps to ‘train’ the Quick Select tool which areas to ignore.

  5. Click once on the driftwood, hold down Option (Mac) or Alt (PC) on your keyboard (the tool will now have a - in the centre).

  6. Click and hold your mouse button and paint around the outside of the driftwood area – this will ‘train’ the tool. Then release the mouse button and release Option/Alt.
  7. Now click and drag your tool around on the driftwood and it will select the driftwood and ignore the sand.

    Your selection should include the wood and exclude all sand.

quick selection tool result







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