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Photoshop CC tutorial 11: How to colour a black & white image in Photoshop CC.

Layer modes (colouring images)

  1. File > Open > Photoshop Exercise Files > Layer Modes > Black & White.jpg.
  2. Create a new layer by clicking the New Layer button new layer button .
  3. Double click the words ‘Layer 1’ to rename. Call it ‘Walls’

    new layer in Photoshop CC


  4. Choose the Paint Brush tool.
  5. Choose a brush size and hardness. Choose a foreground colour by clicking the colour box underneath your tool bar.

    foreground colour


  6. Choose a brick colour.

    Photoshop colour picker


  7. Paint in one of the walls.

    Shortcut note: Click once with the brush tool and move to another position on the image. Hold down the shift key and click again. This will join the two points creating a line.

    Black and white image


  8. In your Layers panel, click normal and experiment with the different layer blending modes.

    Layer Mode normal

    Layer mode overlay


    To scroll through the layer modes:
    PC: Choose any layer mode and use the up and down keys on your keyboard. 
    Mac: Make sure you have the Move Tool selected, hold shift and use the + & - keys on your keyboard to scroll through.








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