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Photoshop CC tutorial 12: How to mask and replace a sky.

Montage image (layer masks)


  1. File > Open > Photoshop Exercise Files > Montage Image > Lighthouse.jpg hold shift down and also select Fluffy Clouds.jpg.
  2. Using the Rectangular Marquee tool make a selection around the lower half of the image (from roughly the bottom of the tree line).
  3. Select the Magic Wand tool  .
  4. In the control panel make sure you have the Add to Selection button on  (or hold down the Shift key).
  5. Click on the trees to the left and right of the lighthouse. Your selection should now look like this (see below):

    Bad sky selection


    Time to add the lighthouse!


  6. Select the Polygonal Lasso tool.

    lasso tool in Photoshop CC


  7. Double check that the Add to Selection button is still on (or hold down the Shift).
  8. Use the Polygonal Lasso tool to click around a small section of the lighthouse. Close this small selection by double clicking back at the starting point.
  9. You’ll see that this new selection is now added to the larger selection.
  10. Carry on making small selections to include the whole lighthouse.

    Note: Make sure that each new selection overlaps the area already selected, this will help you avoid getting strange gaps.

    Now we have the whole area selected we can use the selection to make a mask to block out the sky.

  11. Unlock the background layer by double clicking the words Background in the Layers Panel.
  12. Name it ‘Lighthouse’.
  13. Click the Layer Mask button at the bottom of the layers panel.
  14. The Layer Mask will block out the sky area of your image.

    masked sky in Photoshop

    Now we’ll bring in the new sky.

  15. Go to Fluffy Clouds.jpg.
  16. Select > All.
  17. Edit > Copy.
  18. Go back to Lighthouse.jpg and Edit > Paste.
  19. In the Layers Panel change the order of the layers so the new sky is below the 
    lighthouse layer.

    new sky layer


  20. You can use the Move tool to move the sky layer up or down and ‘squash’ to suit.

    Replaced sky in Photoshop CC








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