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Photoshop CC tutorial 15: How to distort people using Liquify.

Liquify Tools in Photoshop CC

  1. File > Open > Photoshop Exercise Files > Liquify > Simon Cowell.psd.
  2. Filter > Liquify.

    liquify in filters

  3. Experiment with the top 8 tools.

    liquify tool bar in Photoshop CC

  4. Experiment with the brush size.

    Liquifiy Tool Bar

    Note: The larger the brush size the more subtle you can be. Smaller brushes are good for more extreme liquifing.

  5. The Freeze & Thaw tools (9th and 10th tools) are used to protect & unprotect areas while you liquify & distort.

    Note: Turn your advanced mode on (found on the right of the box) to see these two options

    Photoshop freeze & thaw

    Before / After

    Liquify before Liquify tool after








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