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Photoshop CC tutorial 21: What is Puppet Warp?


Puppet warp in Photoshop

  1. File > Open > Photoshop Exercise Files > Puppet Warp > Puppet Warp 1.jpg.
  2. Edit > Puppet Tool.
  3. Make sure the Show Mesh option is ticked.
  4. Place more than one pin into the image.
  5. Click and drag the pins around to start the warp.


Puppet Warp Pin depth

  1. Move the hand over/under the scarf.
  2. You can use the Pin Depth Options in the Application Bar to change the order they are seen.


• You can hold the Shift key and click to select and move more than one pin at a time.

• Hold the Option (Mac) or Alt (PC) and click the centre of the pins to remove them.

• Hold the Option (Mac) or Alt (PC), click and hold just outside the pins to rotate them.







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