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Photoshop CC tutorial 23: Vanishing point tool

Vanishing point

The Vanishing Point plug-in handles the chore of matching perspective for you.

  1. File > Open > Photoshop Exercise Files > Vanishing Point > Vanishing Point 1.jpg.
  2. Filter > Vanishing Point.

    Vanishing Point Tool

  3. Identify a wall and click all four corners as show below.

    Note: The box should be Blue. If your box turns red you will need to try again or try dragging and adjusting the corner points.

  4. Choose the Create Plane tool and drag another wall.

    Note: Drag from the small white box on the right of the current plane.

  5. You can drag another wall by choosing the Create Plane tool.

    Drag out all the walls.

    You can drag out a floor plane by selecting the first Plane and using the Create Plane Tool and dragging from the bottom white square.

    Once you have this grid set up you can copy and paste images into Vanishing Point and match the perspective.

  6. File > Open > Photoshop Exercise Files > Vanishing Point > Image 1.jpg.
  7. Select > All.
  8. Edit > Copy.
  9. Come back to the Vanishing Point 1.jpg file.
  10. Make a new layer and name it ‘Poster’.
  11. Filter > Vanishing Point.

    You’ll now paste the image inside Vanishing Point. You wont be able to use Edit > Paste in vanishing point (a photoshop’ism). You’ll have to use the shortcut.

  12. On your keyboard: Cmd V (Mac) or Ctrl V (PC).
  13. Click & hold the new image, move it into position.

    Note: You can resize it using the Transform Tool ‘.

  14. Click OK.

    Time to remove the plugs.

  15. Choose the Stamp Tool.
  16. Zoom into the first plug.
  17. Turn the Heal option on in the application bar (at the top).
  18. Choose a brush size and hardness (180 px & hardness 0).
  19. Hold down the Alt key and click in a ‘nice’ area of the wall (to the right of the plug). Release the Alt key. Your pointer is now ‘loaded’.
  20. You can now move your pointer around and line it up over the plug.
  21. Click and paint over the plug.
  22. Choose OK.







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